Sewing Studio

We will thoroughly check with re-sizing/fixing your new or favorite clothes. We will make sure that you are comfortable with your new style and size.
We do Shorten Hem  Take in/out waist  Tapering Patching Stitching 
for Pants, Jeans, Coat, Top, Sports wear, Suit and Curtain

Clothes on Rack

If you have some clothes, fabric or even a small furniture that are needed to be touched, if they are too old or out of trend but still very valuable for you, why not get them reformed? We can also reform a new product out of a given material from  given material from you.

With our best, we will provide a good quality and a better design.

Patches on Jeans
Button & Zippers

We care for the minor issues of your clothes such as fixing little buttons, any zippers or patching